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15 February 2014


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Have you happened upon the blog "Amongst Lovely Things"? She recently-ish had twins and has been re-adjusting her homeschooling life accordingly. An idea she has which appeals greatly to me is the idea of "looping" (here's a link to a recent post she had about it: http://www.amongstlovelythings.com/2014/02/looping-task-management-for-recovering.html#.UwJWh85ni0s). It seems like you might be able to consider her method with some of your "would-like-to-get-done items".


jenny: OMG this is me:

"My problem with schedules, routines, and general task management systems is this: most of them feed into my tendency to prioritize getting stuff done over building relationships. It's the nature of a list of tasks to put priority on the doing, and my git-'er-done personality tends to take that up a notch... steamrolling over everybody in my zeal to check everything off my list. That's something I really struggle with."

DEFINITELY checking this out. Thanks!


That's so funny! I was going to refer to the Amongst Lovely Things post, too, because calling something a loop doesn't have the pressure of the to-do list, but also doesn't mean it gets completely lost.

Also, I think one of the hardest things with a new baby is figuring out what time slots you do have. I'm expecting number 5 in the early summer, and trying to remember all that goes into the readjustment process. Right now, I know basically which time slots need my full attention and which ones can be manipulated to make room for a grocery trip, etc. But a new baby brings a whole new schedule, and I think that's the thing that throws me, because I like to be able to think ahead of time, "I'll make the trip to the store at this time." And the even more fun trick is that the new baby's schedule changes with much more frequency than anyone else's for the first year or so...

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