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13 February 2014


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"to quit berating myself for not doing more than I could reasonably have done in those minutes"

I need this tattooed on my forehead or maybe just written on the bathroom mirror.

I have a love/hate relationship these quick and dirty time studies. I love knowing how much time I *actually* have so as to not to set my expectations too high. But it usually ends in despair when I figure out that's it really true I only have 1.5 to 2 hours a day to do EVERYTHING beyond eating, sleeping, commuting, and working: Spending time with the children, housekeeping, tending the children, leisure, out of house activities, exercise. Lots of stuff just doesn't get done. And will never get done.

I would love for my husband to do a week's time study, but he isn't interested. :/

Barbara C.

I did a similar evaluation a few months ago as part of my recovery from co-dependency. I made myself a "job description" of the most basic work that I should try to accomplish each week. Anything else would be bonus.

It averaged about 7 hours of work each day and it did not include a lot of things that come up that usually end up falling to me. And sometimes I have to trade a basic (like vacuuming once a week) for another issue that is more pressing.

I'm doing better about not beating myself up for taking time to do things I enjoy instead of more housework (even though the house looks like even more of a disaster area than it did before). But I need to do better on using more of that "free time" for self-care. Self-care just requires more effort than sitting in front of the computer.


If vacuuming once a week is basic, I need remediation.

(But then, we don't have pets or dust allergies -- it might be basic around here if we did).

Anyway, Barbara, it sounds like you start with "what has to be done" and see how much time that would take. This time I tried to go the other way around and find out how much time I had to do stuff in.

Barbara C.

Well, we are not as strict about food being eaten only in the kitchen as we should. As a result we have a lot of food particles in the carpet, which is a major issue in the summer when the ants are no longer hibernating.


Ah, that makes sense. We are pretty strict about no food upstairs, and we don't have carpet on the first floor.

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