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08 February 2014


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That sounds absolutely fabulous! I hope you'll be writing more about it, as well as writing while you're there!

And I agree - babies are way less intimidating to travel with than toddlers! And a four year old really can walk pretty well, so long as there is interesting scenery and an occasional bribe.


Exciting!!! If you're still considering other destinations let me recommend Stockholm. It's pretty, good public transportation, there's an archipelago of islands to explore, there's about door museum/zoo with old buildings and only native animals called Skansen, and then the Wasa ship museum, which will blow everyone's socks off, but especially boys who are interested in history. And everyone speaks English. All of Scandinavia is kid-friendly, too.

If you want a recommendation for an economical airline within Europe (but not so economical you should be afraid the wings will fall off), we've had only good experiences with Norwegian. (Would also consider them kid-friendly.)


Depending on when you are going to travel, Lufthansa has the most generous bassinet policy I could find - it's by height/weight and not by age, we had Dagmar in one at 9 months. But you have to make sure it's a flight operated by Lufthansa.


Mark might have to travel to Sweden sometime in the future for business. I told him if it works out I wouldn't mind visiting Stockholm with him!


Oh! How awesome! We went to Italy on honeymoon 11 (!) years ago and loved it -- be sure to get A Catholic's Guide to Rome for some cool things that aren't on the usual lists of things to do. We got to tour the Vatican Gardens and go to the Scavi under St. Peter's with directions from that book. Also, you must go eat here: http://www.stuardtclarkesrome.com/dino.html Dino & Tony's -- it's near Vatican City and the BEST food we had in Italy (in a trip of excellent food). Boy, I'd love to go with you!

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