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27 February 2014


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Christy P.

1) I hope that my bread machine is the same size as yours.

2) You should add a footer or header to the document with your name and date. Just good practice.


Mine will do either 1.5 or 2 lb loaves. All these loaves are 1.5 lb. The pizza dough would be 2 lbs except you don't bake it in the machine. (It's an inferior pizza dough but adapted pretty well to the bread machine for the purpose of deciding in the morning to have pizza for lunch.)

Good point about footer/header, will do that.

Christy P.

Given that almost all of the bread I make is of the no-knead variety, my first impression is "That's a lot of yeast! And milk!" Good reminder to dust off the bread machine. It has been displaced upstairs by the dehydrator and the espresso machine. Priorities.


Still the number two appliance in my kitchen after the Mr. Coffee. At this point I would rather have a bread machine than a microwave or a crock-pot.

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