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04 March 2014


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Christy P.

Gah, should have done this today. Thx for reminder.


Bearing, I had to search in my email program to see whether I had ever told you what a great King Cake that recipe makes--when I made the first one of the season, I thought, "I need to email her..." and then (before I did, thankfully) I searched to find out that I had, in fact, already emailed you. I've made several this season (my husband has given up dairy, so I use rice milk now) for the family--including my New-Orleans-born in-laws--and they all agreed it was delicious. I actually baked a half-recipe for dessert tonight after supper so we'd be able to finish it all. Thanks again for the recipe!

Christy P.

The 15-18 minute baking time listed above is for rolls. If you are making a loaf or ring it is going to be longer - check it at 30-32 minutes, and it will almost certainly be done by 35 minutes.


Thanks Christy - I updated the recipe in both places.

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