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11 March 2014


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Wow, that nursing pillow means business. It looks like a boat! You guys look awesome.

Re evolution, I kind of have this thing for David Quammen, I don't know if you know of him, he's a fairly amusing natural history writer. His book about island biogeography gave me some evolutionary epiphanies, and he's also published at least one book (Boilerplate Rhino) that's a collection of essays, your teen might find (some of) them entertaining. I would definitely read them first though, his attitude towards religion is, if I recall correctly, mostly just condescending toward creationists. They're not textbooks though.


You only started spreading out your calories a couple of weeks ago, right? Or has my sense of time been distorted? Anyway, eight pounds in such a short amount of time is great! And it is such a small adjustment that there is still plenty of room to try other things if that stops working.

Speaking of freaking out over a new wardrobe, that reminds me of after my son was born and the weight didn't come off as fast as I had anticipated (or at all for two months). I had to go back to work and had NOTHING that fit well. Panic-mode. I wore the old maternity pants and borrowed clothes from my sister for months. I had to do that again this time, but it wasn't panic inducing like the last time.


I started spreading out my calories when the baby was three weeks old or so, but I didn't write about it till a couple of weeks ago when I decided to commit to it after a disastrous attempt of going back to my pre-pregnancy pattern. The eight pounds (counting from when I first stepped on the scale a couple of weeks after the baby was born) came off in about eight weeks. So, a good rate that I hope continues.

Actual numbers:
- Before pregnancy 115.5
- 36 weeks pregnant 153.5
- Ten days postpartum 143.5 <-- t = 0
- Morning of this post 135.5 <-- t = 8 weeks
- Target weight 113.5 <-- t = ?


Rebekka, I will check that out. Thanks!


How do you accommodate the weight swings due to nursing? At what point do you consider a lower weight an actual pound gone. I know that my weight can have a three to five pound variance depending on the time of day AND the current amount of milk.


I don't know, I'm just used to seeing swings and don't stress about them much. I'm only plotting my weight every five days or so.


If you are at all interested....a good friend of mine loves mapping the world with art and explained how she used with a variety of grade levels at once.



Thanks! That was a helpful link!

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