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25 March 2014


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"The concept is to schedule 'choice-making' time at the time when you are strong and in control, thereby restricting the choices available to you when you are comparably vulnerable and weak."

One prime example of this is meal planning for the week to make eating at home easier and eating out not the default. This pre-planning of meals looms large in my mind because if I ever am the one to be the main cook in the house, our food budget will live or die by the existence of a meal plan.


I have learned that if I schedule out the year's work, we get a vast more amount of work done. Even if we have to adjust, and even if I realize (usually I do) that I planned too much and something needs to be dropped, even if 'whatever' happens, we get a lot done. And it helps me stay accountable and on top of grading. I don't like grading/correcting. I plan for the entire year at once because the planner I use let's me do that; it's nice to know that I can print out the weekly planner and get started.


Dolores, I am with you. Overplan and then be willing to drop stuff. Except I also really like scheduling only half days on Fridays.

Melanie B

So far I've been able to coast without much planning. But with Ben hitting kindergarten age this year, I think I'm going to need to bite the bullet and write out a plan for the fall. Aside from grading papers, making a syllabus was one of the things I hated most about teaching college classes. But there at least I felt I was accountable to someone else. I think I need to find a way to feel that accountability. I'm not sure how to do that.

I'm also terrible at meal planning. For some reason I do better keeping a stocked pantry and fridge so that I can pick something from a range of possibilities. I suppose there's an element of planning to it, knowing what the options are and making sure I've got ingredients for one or two special dishes I know I want to cook in the week. But it's not written down at all. Trying to write it down makes me feel panicked.

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