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06 March 2014


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I went with the Like Mother, Like Daughter suggestion and have stopped taking my smartphone to bed. Hard! My other thing is using the baby's morning nap to be productive at home instead of staring at the internet.


It did get awfully quiet online Wednesday.

I don't completely give up anything Internet related during Lent. In the past I have given up political blogs while continuing the more homey or spiritual ones. This year I am giving up Facebook after work. It isn't a huge thing, but the twinge I've felt wanting to check up on the world one last time before bed probably means it's a good one for this year.

I wasn't sure where I fell on the fasting exemption this year. I am nursing and she still gets the vast majority of her calories from me, but she is nine months old and my milk is well established. I decided to give it a go.

The fast itself didn't go as planned at all (read brownie and cake after lunch because I was HUNGRY). I was still ravenously hungry all day Thursday and noticed a real change in milk production. I will be taking an entirely different for Good Friday.

Live and learn, I guess.


entirely different *approach*

Barbara C.

This is the first time in about three years that I had to fast and abstain, but I was really nervous about it because of my underweight issues. I was so stressed out on Wednesday (and in retrospect slightly sick) that I wasn't that hungry to begin with.

But like you, I never give up food items for Lent. I also miss all the people who have given up Facebook. I am giving up recreational internet on Thursdays again, but since I'm getting ready to leave town in about an hour I was too busy yesterday to do much more than to get on Facebook to get the contact numbers I needed for my trip anyway.

I also gave up playing Candy Crush at my oldest daughter's suggestion. I'll miss it, because it was something to do when I didn't have much energy to do anything else. But every time I see a Candy Crush request pop up in my notifications I just try to say a small prayer instead.


I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my first, sick as can be and losing weight so I am not fasting or abstaining. It would be relatively "easy" to do both, every day it is a challenge to get the nutrition that baby needs. I felt guilty Wednesday, so I'm praying for peace. I was inspired by the LMLD suggestion on not taking the phone to bed! Very difficult.

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