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23 April 2014


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I wondered if you would post this birth story. After losing the first draft, I didn't know if you would want to revisit it.

How scary that week must have been! Anxious when there was no clear cut answer. Random movements immediately bringing the issue to mind again and again. It is a wonder you slept at all. You are so fortunate to have good midwife care and friends whose advice you can trust.

And to hear his breath and his cry! Praise God! Thrilling, indeed.

Have you ever had your water break first before the contractions start?


Nope, this was a first for me.

Thanks for reading, it was a lot of work to write!


Well, I love a good birth story so thanks for writing it.

All of my labors, whether natural or induced, have begun with my water breaking without any contractions. I'm a bit hazy on the whole idea of 'going into labor.' After my water breaks but before the contractions begin, it is a strange place of anticipation and questioning and waiting.

The internal dialog goes something like this: "What just happened here? Oh. Really? I guess so. Now what? Time to wait for the rest of it. How long? I don't know. Find something to do. Was that a contraction? No. Was that a contraction? No. Was that a contraction? Maybe. Find something to do. Was that a contraction. Perhaps yes. Finally."

To have that anticipation to go on for a week instead of just the hour or so it lasts for me in addition to your worry for the baby must have been agony.

And since I have been to the hospital with SROM and know what happens, I am glad you managed to stay out of the hospital.


That was an excellent birth story write-up. I liked how you balanced how you were feeling and experiencing everything with the facts of it all. I had my water break before labor began too, but only had to wait 36 hrs. But it is nerve wracking, especially when i reached the point where I was pretty sure I would be coerced into a c-section if I did go to the hospital. I tried to write up my story, but had a hard time accurately portraying how I felt - especially the worry - when I knew it was all fine in the end.


This is the most compelling birth story I've ever read. Good job and congrats on your healthy, handsome boy.

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