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17 May 2014


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Congrats to your daughter! Was she excited about her Second Communion? That phenomenon always amuses me. How long can they keep up the count?

You have such a lovely church. We, of the temporary store front parish, are jealous.

G made her First Communion last year when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I would like to say I had lots of spiritual thoughts that day, but mostly I was concerned about not going into labor during Mass.

There is one thing I will always remember. We, too, had to sit in the back where you could not see and there is not room for anyone to stand to the side without being in the way. I saw her stand and file out into the aisle and at the moment when she must have received (I'm guessing as I could not see), M kicked me hard. Right after that I saw her walk back toward her seat.

I very much felt like Elizabeth at the moment when John the Baptist leapt for joy. A consolation for not being able to see which is quite sweet in my memory.

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