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31 May 2014


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I would say as long as you have a relatively low, wide heel you'll be okay, if cobblestones are what you're worried about. As a sandal alternative I personally would consider them not sandal enough, especially since Rome in September has pretty much the same temps as Copenhagen in summer. But I hate wearing closed shoes. So I guess I'm saying - what are your goals for those shoes?


Hm, maybe sandals are all I will need. I was thinking that by late Sept. and into Oct. it would be past sandal time.


I think it depends on the weather (vs climate) and if you're someone who has cold feet.

My mom came to visit me (she lives in California) on her way to Florence and she brought a 500 pack of q-tips. So in the spirit of helpfulness let me tell you that you can buy cotton swabs here.

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