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26 May 2014


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Love it. Thank you. One of the themes I've come back to over the years of praying the Psalms is that my enemy is . . . myself. The sinful, old nature in me that resists the rescue and sanctification that Christ would do in me. Which doubles back to remind me that all the shame and scorn that I might heap on myself is not, actually, helpful to the real work of God in my life.


For me, "the enemies" are usually situations over which I have no control and my own bad attitude in response to them.

I also have The Little Oratory. Looking forward to your post on it.


I'm also gleaning much from The Little Oratory. I look forward to your insight and a good conversation!

Do you use the Magnificat, or do you have the liturgy of the hours?


I used to use a breviary, but now I mostly use iBreviary's app for my iPad.

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