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24 June 2014


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My new suit just came in the mail today, I am majorly self conscious about swimsuits but it was comfortable and the baby appeared genuinely excited by the colors.

I have a black swim dress, which I actually find quite comfy, but I have actually been laughed at openly for wearing it at a beach. Teenagers...


Swim dresses violate my can-you-actually-swim-in-it criterion. Too much drag. I guess it'll help you work your arms.


I have two problems with swimsuits:

1) I feel naked in them. I also feel naked in skirts that are too short (like above my knee) so it isn't just a swimsuit thing. I also don't sleep in a nightgown for the same reason. I like having on pant legs. I know this is a problem of practice and could be overcome.

2) Razors. Here is the real problem with me and swimsuits. Ever since puberty I have not been able to just slip on a bathing suit without prior planning. I am of Italian heritage and, um, well, I don't know what else to say here. It's a problem because "maintenance" gives me a very uncomfortable and noticeable rash. It was hard and embarrassing as a teenager to have friends who did not seem to have the same issue. I have sometimes looked into lasers, but time, money. It is a lot of money to spend for me to potentially go swimming only very occasionally. There are no regular style swimsuits that cover this problem, but it does seem that more options have opened up in these last few years.

The last time I was in a swimsuit was Sept 1999. Sad but true. But I love the idea of becoming a lap swimmer. I fantasize about it every year when I go to the kids' swimming lessons.


Jenny, what about a rashguard? They are getting more common at beaches as more people have concerns about sun exposure, and they don't interfere with swimming.


A rash guard plus a board short like this would work.



Have to google what a rashguard is...A swim shirt. No, tops aren't my problem. :)

But I have found what I need! A legsuit! I didn't even know it was a thing besides $300 racing suits. Maybe there's hope.



My kids all wear suits from CWear Australia that go down to just above the knee and come down to the elbow. They sell grownup suits too. You actually can get similar styles in the US for less money, but I haven't found any as well made.



I'm a dog paddler and indeed never use pools because I have a tendency to get sinus infections from the chlorine, so the drag doesn't bother me. I bought the dress during some modesty flip but it's apparently so outlandish here it has the opposite effect. I too have problems with razor burn on my thighs and I actually have scarring from it, which is why I liked the longer skirt, but the suit I just bought has a regular cut. I guess the older I get the less I care who will be offended by the little wobbles and flaws in my appearance! BTW I use a chlorhexidine surgical soap from the pharmacy after shaving and it cuts down on the burn if anyone is looking for tips. (It's a disinfectant not antibiotic.)


The chlorine bothers my sinuses too. Whenever I get in a groove of swimming more than twice a week, I lose my voice from chronic postnasal drip. Very annoying. I take a steroid nasal spray for it and it mostly solves the problem.

Melanie B

Chlorine tends to give me headaches. I stopped swimming when I was younger mainly for that reason. It just was not worth it.

These days my biggest stumbling block is that I only have opportunities to go swimming maybe two or three times in a summer and it never seems worth it to spend money for a suit that will get so little use. Especially when I seem to be in a cycle of having a baby every couple of years. My size changes so much that what I buy this year may not fit next year. I bought a suit after Bella was born and it's just too tight to be comfortable now.

So the last couple of years I've been the mom sitting on the side of the pool getting her feet wet not because I'm especially bothered by the way I look in a suit but because I'm too stingy. It's hard to justify buying a swimsuit I'll hardly ever wear when money is tight. It's not really a swimsuit issue at all, I haven't bought any clothes for myself in the past year. I find the idea of going clothes shopping vaguely important but when it comes down to "what shall I do today?" there are many things more important. I just don't prioritize it. And we come back to the question of priorities.

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