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02 June 2014


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I don't know if there is a direct connection to Pentecost or not, but I do think God teaches us to value our blessings by withholding them sometimes. I get to experience a little piece of this daily at work, especially on days like today when I am not that busy and I know the kids are doing something exciting. (Today is the first day my son is getting in the big pool.) It is easy to throw yourself a pity party until you call to mind how grateful you are to have these blessings to miss.

I know for certain that I value my motherhood more now since I am separated from them than I would have if I had never left them for work. The duties that would irritate me to complete when I was home now seem like such a superb privilege since I am physically separated and unable to do them. Will I ever have the opportunity again? I don't know. But I truly, truly appreciate what it is I don't do.

The bright side of leaving every day is that the children are absurdly excited by my return every night. I'm sure this won't last forever so I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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