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06 June 2014


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I'm so inspired! I only have two I could let loose in the kitchen that way (5 is a bit young), but I think my almost-11-year-old would LOVE it. 8 years would probably balk a bit, but since she's the pickiest eater, she'd probably get into the fact that she could just make something she likes. I can already send my 11 yo into the kitchen with baking projects (cupcakes, cookies, muffins, bread in the bread machine, and biscuits), so she's pretty fluent with recipes. I think I'll give this summer cooking thing a try!


""I was going to say No," my 13yo told me. "But then I realized that the pieces weren't going to get mixed up with a bunch of other junk on the floor and lost, because the only thing on the floor was the LEGO pieces. So I asked him to close the door and then I could say Yes, and he built this hilarious ship out of one flat piece and two wings that didn't match."


You are living the dream. :D




I've been reading the same book. I was thinking about the fact that I already do have 3 kids that can pull off a meal completely on their own. And 1 has taken over lunch and dinner prep for most of the week.

But, after reading the book I realized that I need the others to learn to cook for THEM more than for ME. I was doing them a disservice not teaching them because I didn't need them to learn. But THEY need to learn.


WOW! Longtime lurker here with 4 young kids (oldest is almost 6, youngest is 6 months) stepping up to say THANK YOU for giving me hope for the future! I can't wait to teach my kids how to make dinner and I'm learning so much from this. Your other posts in this series are also helpful.

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