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12 June 2014


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Christy P.

I didn't need a BFP or similar when I had #1, but then I did sometimes need a safe place to put baby #2 to protect him from toddler #1. It is good to use tools as appropriate!


We've always used the playpen quite a bit. Not so much with my oldest, but definitely with all the rest. When G was a baby, I had a whole room babyproofed for her to crawl around at will. Since the others have come along, the playpen is *the* central feature in our living room. It takes almost all our available floor space, which is not ideal, but the downstairs is not babyproofed and is never going to be babyproofed so the baby has to go somewhere and my husband is absolutely NOT going to wear a baby around the house.

In theory I would carry them around more, but when my oldest was a baby, the only baby carrier I knew about was the snugli thing I had which was agony on my back. I also couldn't figure out how to do things carrying her. Helpless was the feeling. My arms just don't seem long enough. One-handed onion chopping is a magic trick to me. I had trouble moving laundry around and dishes were out of the question. Now that I use a wrap, I am a little more mobile, but my availability is limited.


Some things have never seemed possible while baby wearing. I don't get heavy things (e.g. food processor) out of overhead cabinets, put things in and out of the oven, carry full baskets of laundry, or drain pasta. But lots of other things do work with practice and the right sling.

Onions are chopped one-handed by halving them first, then putting down the knife and peeling them, then they can be chopped with one hand.

Barbara C.

I actually baby-wore more with each baby, but I also started using one of those carrier car seats and a double stroller with baby #4.

Of course, there's also that skill of holding a nursing baby with one arm while making a PBJ with the other.

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