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10 July 2014


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Very interesting - good plan to take it to an expert :) Since I sliced a tendon, two arteries, and a nerve in my non-dominant hand's pinky one Thanksgiving (while pregnant, hurrah hurrah), I've been struck by how many people have had fingers or hands damaged and rebuilt. I can imagine the worry about the wrist coming apart on you. I've got some interesting neurological symptoms, and most of the palm-side of my finger still feels "asleep". It also doesn't have the same strength the other fingers have, so I don't do some things (wrap weeds around that hand, over the pinky, to pull them out, let kids hang on just it...). But mostly I favor it a bit without affecting much. A wrist is much more integral.

I look forward to your discoveries!

(And I love your description of your husband's epiphany!!)


Um, wow. I have to admit I wasn't able to read all of that post. (But I was also eating lunch at the time) Should be quite interesting to hear what the sports doc has to say! And I really liked your lead in about going to a doctor who helps you figure out how to keep going, rather than one who just tells you that you shouldn't do that activity anymore!

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