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15 July 2014


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Just off the top of my head I'm guessing that the tedesco is from the same root as Teutonic, like deutsch.

The Danish word for German is "tysk".
( )=t

Love me some cognates!


Off topic, but when you're in Rome, you must go to Dino & Tony's -- a restaurant near the Vatican. It's fantastic! http://www.stuardtclarkesrome.com/dino.html

Christy P.

Along the lines of 'in the north of the U.S.', people often ask me about how long it would take for me to travel from my home in the USA to a place that they have an idea about, for example, New York City. When I was an undergrad from Ohio in Australia, I would get a lot of, "Columbus, is that near New York?" and then I'd say, "well, it would take about 9 hours to drive there", and then they would say "Oh, it must be near Los Angeles then" and I'd say "not so much, that would be more like 3 days" etc. Anyway, my suggestion is that you put a couple of reference points into your mind. Say, bordering Canada, or in the middle like Chicago etc.


You would think Australians would get it since they also come from a country that is very large to drive around in. But sometimes I don't even think that East Coast Americans really "get" how large a single state can be. It still takes 5 hours to drive to Canada from here.


Thanks for the restaurant review Monica - I am taking notes :-)

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