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07 July 2014


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Check out Into Mind, it's a good blog about wardrobe building, there's a really good arc about evaluating garment quality!

Christy P.

For packing, I keep going back to the list at onebag.com

Christy P.

It's worth stashing a stain remover and some laundry soap in your luggage. I love Charlie's Soap (usually means that the stain remover not needed).


Rebekka, I didn't know about that one - will check it out.

CP - Thanks for the reminder of onebag.com, always a good site. We'll have full laundry facilities so I planned on being able to do laundry - but I'll definitely come prepared to do the first couple of loads without having to shop.

Christy P.

No one in my family has exceptionally sensitive skin, but if anyone does it may be worth the space to avoid trying a new product on the road!

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