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08 July 2014


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Jen A

Don't keep score.
Almost the same thing as yours, but the advice I bite my tongue from giving.


Why bite your tongue? Oh, maybe if you are talking to someone who very obviously IS keeping score...

Christy P.

I'm with Jen, but I usually say it longer as "As soon as you start keeping score, you lose"


Assume your spouse has good intentions in his/her actions and words.


Saw a quote just today (it was Fr. Longenecker quoted in an article by Simcha at OSV) that may be a contender:

"Gender roles are not law; they are there to help us achieve complementary love.”

I think it sails right between the goalposts of rejecting gender roles as irrelevant, and insisting that the traditional ones must always be adhered to.

Christy P.

I thought of another one. Sex is a gift, not a weapon.


Oh yes, that's true. Nor a negotiating chip.


I'm with Tabitha-"Assume positive intent". I saw that on Hallie Lord's blog and wrote it down. I must remember this often!!

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