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31 July 2014


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I have been watching the token experiment with lots of interest and we are seriously considering trying to implement a similar system.

"I want kids to be in the habit of looking at a room and seeing if something needs to be done, and not assuming that some other person will make the problem disappear."

This. Exactly. The problem I have to overcome is that I am not home to ride herd on the children to make them pick up after themselves. This system seems to cut out that problem. You either met expectations or you didn't.

While having a tidier house would be the ultimate goal, I think we would first start with getting ready for bed. At my house getting ready for bed means:

1) Go to the bathroom
2) Wash your hands
3) Brush your teeth
4) Change into PJs
5) Put your dirty clothes in the basket
6) Get your clothes out for tomorrow

Every night I chant this litany over and over and over to each child, but I want it to be a seamless event and not take the eon it currently takes. I just have to make the time to put the tokens together and set aside money in the budget. Beginning of school would probably be a good time to make this come together.

Melanie B

I'm following with interest and still pondering what this might look like in our home.

My gut feeling is the token system would work pretty well with Sophie, who already has leanings toward being tidy and who has been known to put her clean laundry away without being asked.

But my fear is that Bella, because of her ADHD tendencies, would be very interested in the money and yet not be able to remember and follow through on her own, thus creating more tension not less.

Maybe, I could delegate the task of reminding Bella to Sophie? I think Ben could do very little now, but in a year or two will probably be quite adaptable to a token economy.

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