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23 July 2014


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The picture of the spotter made me LOL for real. If it comes to that, maybe you can wear that T-shirt with the hands from "Tacky." :D

How long do you rest between sets? In my feeble attempts over the years, any exercise that requires sets usually derails me since the rest period stretches the workout time for much longer than I think is intended.

Here is my embarrassing weight story. In college I decided to try some of the weight machines. I have very little upper body strength so I thought I would try the butterfly machine. I didn't put any weight on the machine so only had to overcome the weight of the machine itself. It. would. not. budge. I pushed and strained, but nothing. So embarrassing.


2-3 minutes between "work sets." Less between warmup sets. In any case, long enough to let the fatigue from the last set dissipate.

The recovery between sets is just as important as the set. The recovery between workouts is just as important as the workout. You could almost say that the point of doing 3 sets is to create 2 rest periods between them, and the point of the workouts is to create recovery days between.

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