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10 August 2014


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I have never seen anything like that. I'll bet the feeling of doom becomes palpable when the big sticks are installed every year. And such rejoicing in the spring when the sticks disappear again.

Fun fact about my neighborhood: 400 house subdivision out in the county. Two fire hydrants. #thingswedidntnoticebeforebuying


I'm not sure where the closest fire hydrant is to my house, actually. But the fire station is literally around the corner.


Yeah... I was hoping you'd tell us what those are. In New Orleans, we have giant vertical rulers painted near roads so you can see how deep the water is when it floods. They're sort of like those stickable rulers you see on the door frames of convenience stores so the clerk can tell the cops how tall the Bad Guy was.
To each his own bad weather, I guess!


Jenny (in NOLA), that's hilarious.

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