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30 August 2014


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This is genius. But does it make me a bad person that I now want a St. FdS holy morning to do list note pad?


Ha! Rebecca, you beat me to it. I clicked over from my blog reader just to make a quip about designing a St. Francis de Sales/Psalms to do list notepad. Especially since he prescribes specific snippet length bits of the psalms!


I'm going to read through "The Spiritual Directory" today. This really resonates with me, as I've been chewing on this quote from Peter Kreeft all week: "Lack of prayer is the cause of lack of time". This blog post gave me that quote: http://theradicallife.org/the-main-reason-you-dont-have-enough-time


I feel so very affirmed in my practice of praying my to-do list. What I need to work on is brevity. Since I have a long drive, there is no pressing need for me to stay focused which means many times, when I start mentally laying out the list, my minds wanders and begins to try to work out the problems on the list instead of just establishing it. The problem with this habit is that it many times ceases to be a prayer and more of an internal brainstorming session, which may have its place, but probably not as a part of my morning offering.


"Lack of prayer is the cause of lack of time"

I see this sentiment a lot and I just don't know if I can agree. There is only so much time and my list of things to do is longer than the time allowed. I think it is important to get that prayer in, even to the detriment of something else. Praying does help me accept my limitations and brings more peace through the day. Maybe I have a better plan of attack when I've prayed it out first and perhaps my priorities are more aligned with God's when I do, but praying doesn't make the to-do list shorter or create more time.


I agree with that last point. If lack of prayer is the cause of lack of time, it's only metaphorically speaking; prayer may help with priorities, but it doesn't make time FOR you.

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