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27 August 2014


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Curious as to why you are bringing things you can get at destination, like gum and toothbrushes? Or maybe it has a place-holder function in the baggage?

I'd recommend knowing the heights and weights of your kids in cm and kg, in case someone needs prescription medication in the middle of the night.


Both gum and toothbrushes, and some toiletries and medications, are for use on the plane as well as at destination. We have to take 3 planes and then a drive to get where we're going; best case scenario, 21 hours from leaving our house to arriving at our rental apartment. I'm not going that long without brushing my teeth, and there are six altitude changes not counting the mountain drive.

Plus, you're correct that we anticipate wanting space in the baggage anyway for things bought abroad.


Aha, I thought you were bringing extras!


To me, the most stressful part of packing is all the things you can't pack because you still need them so there they sit in multiple places all through the house calling your name every time you pass.


Oh, Jenny, I know. It's such a relief when you finally get close enough to pack them. This time around, with medications and toiletries (which will be used up anyway), I finally just went out and bought duplicates of everything that's going to be checked so I could pack the bag and be done with it.

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