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19 September 2014


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This post strikes a familiar chord. I loved moving around, when my husband was in the Air Force. I did a better job of seeking out adventure, in terms of field trip experiences AND fun treats in the grocery stores. Living in England was the pinnacle for me, but every place we lived had special and unique qualities. Knowing my time in those places was limited, I was more apt to seize the moment and enjoy it.

When I feel discontent settle over me, pining for wanderlust days (wishing for rural East Anglia), I realize that that lifestyle is of my own making, wherever I'm living. There are local wines and cheese to be found here. There are museums and parks here and even though we are now permanent residents, it's good to take a break every now and then. To still seize the day, putting away books and putting off chores, in order to enjoy the local amenities.

I'm enjoying reading about your adventures. Yes, a bit of living vicariously. But this post has helped remind me that we can create these life experiences wherever we are. Thanks and God bless!


You can take a picture of the cheese section home with you.

What is so great about vacations is that it breaks you out of the rut and routine of being at home and allows you to see the possibilities that are already around you. Everything seems easy on vacation.

I want to second the notion of living vicariously here and enjoying it.

Amy Welborn


Loving your posts.

One of the things I took back from our 3 months in Europe was a firmer commitment to explore where we live as well, and we've done it. I can say with full confidence that we've been to more natural and historical points of interest in Alabama than almost anyone else I know around here...


Thank you for writing this. I know that it takes a commitment of time and effort. Thank you so much.

You cannot bring the cheeses home with you, but you will bring back memories, and so will everyone in your family, and memories and changes in one's heart and mind are precious.

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