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19 September 2014


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Melanie B

Ooh I like the idea of tool kits. I remember that kind of play as a child. My imagination was always about the self-sufficiency of the effective forager. In my mind I knew where all the plants grew and how to harvest them and what to do with them. Come to think of it, I'm finally learning how to identify plants instead of just dreaming about it. It seemed like such a foreign space, but I think I'd just never been introduced to the right tools-- the kinds of books that let you identify trees and shrubs. Even the wildflower books that we did have felt mysterious as i didn't really understand the vocabulary of the botanist. It was like hunting for words in a dictionary without understanding alphabetization.

I was surprised. I guess I'd assumed you'd done at least some climbing. But I'd forgotten about the hurt wrist. That makes sense. How nice to finally get to do it!

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