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07 September 2014


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We just got back from Stockholm, first trip with our nr 2, who is now almost 9 months. It seems like every kid you add makes traveling exponentially more insane. I am so glad we did not try to go to the US this year.

Every time we fly, the airport service people insist that we have to try using the self service check in. It never ever works with a lap infant. And even if it did it wouldn't print out an extra tag for the stroller. Yet they insist.

Hope you solve the baggage problem - our travel insurance gives you a daily stipend for each day the bag is missing so you can get clothes etc, do you have something like that.

Have a lovely trip!


Mark is trying to rent alpine gear for the boys right now...


We had a terrible time with our ticketing because of the lap ticket too. Delta blamed it on the fact that we were flying there without the infant and back with the infant but perhaps it's just a general problem. In the end I remember they printed us an infant lap ticket for the two flights we took to China even though we didn't have a ticket for that leg. That was the only way they could print the rest of the tickets.


I hope baby is feeling better.


Oh, yeah, I should update that. Baby seems fine now.


Yay! I was thinking I wouldn't hear from you again until you got back - such fun to "travel with" you :)

How stressful to lose a bag and have to navigate everything while on a time schedule. And closing stores...!! In another language! How exciting --good for your 14yo using his language skills!

I'm glad the baby is better.

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