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17 October 2014


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A salad I really enjoy that seems to fit in with those above is grated beets (raw is fine) with blueberries and vinaigrette dressing. Really good with coarsely chopped and toasted almonds on top. Can be saved as leftovers.

Or grated radishes with chopped parsley and vinaigrette. Very nice during the summer! (But eat it all, it doesn't keep well.)


I really love raw grated beets, although I haven't had them in a while. I never thought of putting blueberries on them. Although carrot-blueberry-sunflower seed salad is pretty good, so I guess beets would work too...


After sharing the idea of raw grated beets, we had grated beets with some onion and mayo for supper tonight. Pretty tasty, but the potential for stains is scary. I think we will experiment with the grated beets a few times to see what we like.


Jenny - can you get "golden beets" in your area? They are yellow-orange and don't stain.


I asked about the golden beets and he doesn't recall seeing them, but we will keep an eye out.

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