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09 November 2014


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"I'm a little ahead of the curve; I needed my warm hats and scarves and wool socks already this week, even though the thermostat reads 68° F, because I am still (slowly) losing postpartum weight and that makes me cold. My nose and fingers and toes are cold right now."

When I was a young child and my parents were poor graduate students, they routinely kept the thermostat on 62. I froze. When I got older and they got richer, they bumped the winter thermostat up to 68 and still I froze. The most enduring memory of winter while living with my parents is shivering under a blanket. Now that I control the thermostat, we keep it on 72 and I am still cold, but I dare not push it higher. I seem to not have the ability to warm myself at temperatures other people find perfectly comfortable. The only times I am not absolutely freezing all winter long is when I am pregnant. While pregnant, our mild winters don't feel so bad. Just a short glimpse into how other people feel all the time.

We are supposed to go to a Monday Night Football game next week. Expected low that night: 22F. We probably won't have snow, but it will be freezing! I have got to find somebody to shove these tickets onto.

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