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05 November 2014


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I think this notion of the first course is intriguing especially the altered environment. I have a few questions about logistics, but am actively resisting asking them because I don't want to let myself think about meal planning right now. I don't want to jinx myself! (did you know I might need to meal plan soon?) (okay back to not allowing myself to think about it.)


Alright since this scenario is safely back into the category of interesting things other people do, I can ask my questions with detachment.

Do you have the table completely set before serving the first course? Where is the rest of the meal while you eat the first course? In the oven? On the countertops? Is there normally any more prep for the main dish before serving it?

I am just trying to figure out the flow here.


I second Jenny's questions. We do the appetizer/salad course for "fancy"dinners (Valentine's Day , etc) but it's daunting on a busy night. I'm unsure about the extra dishes. With 9 people it's a real concern.

I have a few more questions , but I need to think about them more...thanks for updates on this great concept!


Here is what I have been doing. The rest of the meal is all cooked and cooling in the kitchen, or maybe staying warm in an oven or crockpot. I set the table with the dinner plates and the first-course goes in a small dish set onto that plate. Then when the first course is done (ground rules: everyone has eaten a little, and nobody is still eating it) I whisk away the first course dishes and put the serving bowls on the table.

Sometimes this means more dishes than we would otherwise do, but often it's the same, because we usually serve salad or fruit or soup in its own bowl anyway.

Tonight was unplanned -- we are having tomato soup (in the crockpot) with grilled cheese sandwiches -- I am going to give everyone some raw carrots and broccoli and hummus for the first course. The sandwiches will be staying warm in the oven and the soup will be sitting in the crockpot.

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