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21 December 2014


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LeeAnn Balbirona

I am making vegetable soup today, as we are all under the weather with cough, fever and sniffles. My special ingredient: red pepper flakes. To me, the spicier the soup, the healthier it makes me feel.


A friend passed on his mom's recipe once, that I go to when I have the ingredients on hand - it sounds a lot like yours:

lemon juice
fresh garlic clove crushed
red pepper flakes

He himself, last I heard, just went straight for the "chew one clove of garlic" method, best for the mouth-of-steel camp. Keeps unwanted people away too, I believe ;) Oil of oregano under the tongue can have the same effect(s).

I love the spicy for helping clear and soothe sad sinuses.
I've been going with the "alcohol kills germs" placebo effect myself, as I sip hard cider in the midst of my sickos.... But when I'm sick, I prefer hot and tea-like.


Raw unfiltered honey is definitely a cough suppressant with antibacterial qualities.


It's what we use the most.

Christy P.

I dried a bunch of lemon verbena from my herb garden last fall, and while they aren't as effective as the fresh leaves, it makes my similar concoction of lemon juice, honey, hot sauce *look* healthier because it has something green floating in it.


Hey, jalapeños are green...

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