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06 December 2014


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I wish I were better at keeping my eyes on my own paper and seeing the good instead of the Great Yawning Hole.

FWIW, we live on the outskirts of suburbia and I can count how many times we have been to a park. It's too far away to make it worth doing. We do have a yard for them to play in and neighbors their own age, but often they don't know how to function when their friends aren't home.

I would love to live in area with lots of stuff within walking distance but my husband thinks that we already live too close to the neighbors with our acre+ lots. He'd rather live in no-man's-land so we split the difference.


This is a great post. I'm really in a season of comparing right now it seems. I keep thinking about all the things the kids could be doing if only we lived closer to town. But then I overlook the fort building, the mushroom walks, the walks to visit the grandparents next door, the great hikes from our door, the backpacking that's only an hour away, etc. etc. etc.

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