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14 January 2015


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I am glad you found some clarity even if it comes at a cost. It is better to see than to stumble along in the dark.

I know it is frustrating to want to say something and know it is better if you didn't. I have a terrible filter. I feel like I am going to bust when I know I have to withhold some insight I've made. But sometimes that is just the way it is.

Have you thought about writing a post that says all that you want to say and then just not publishing it? It would maybe get it out of your system without compromising your decision to not talk about it.


Yeah, I might do that, Jenny.

Barbara C.

I know exactly what you mean, Erin. There's a lot of stuff that I could say about my divorce, but my blog is public. People read it who know me in real life, and I don't want certain things getting back to my kids.

It's very frustrating, especially when I know that there are people who feel all alone with what they are dealing with in their marriage and would find relief in know that they are not alone.


Last May a theory presented itself to me that illuminated my entire past as well as a current relationship. I spent the whole month reading, praying and thinking trying to see if it could possibly be correct. On the one hand, it made sense and it was wonderfully exciting to see all the pieces fall into place. On the other hand, I wondered how I could not have seen it before if it was true, and so I doubted myself. In the end, it was wonderful to see and know the truth and how everything makes sense. It might not be an easy reveal, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. I understand the vagueness as well, as I could not even post as much as you did without questions, but I just wanted to say I understand what you mean and I’m glad you are freer than you were before. I hope one day to be able to publicly share my story, but that day has not come yet.


I'm glad whatever it is that you're working through is a good thing. :-) And I understand feeling that something is perhaps not right to share, or maybe not yours to share.


Insights abound at this blog. You have positively influenced my parenting decisions (first-time mom of a 17-month-old daughter) in the Salesian parenting discussions. Hoping yo learn more through your thoughtful posts. When the time is right, you can give as much as you feel called to say. Til then don't toss your pearls among swine. :)


Hooray! I'd say more, but what is there to do other than to rejoice with you in your epiphany and wish you the best with the ways in which it changes your perspective and going forward? :-)

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