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17 February 2015


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Our parish just recently received our first deacon last summer, and he is an outstanding preacher. Sadly he only preaches the last Sunday of the month, but I really look forward to them.

I think today the question is not about the differences between a learned or populist preacher. Does anyone not attempt a populist style these days? In my experience the contrasting styles are more a question of prepared remarks or extemporaneous speaking. Many priests I have heard fancy themselves gifted in extemporaneous preaching and, well, they are not so the sermon is just a long ramble.


I'm looking forward to this series of posts!

Christy P.

Have you watched _Grantchester_? It's a British mystery show that our PBS station has been playing after _Downton Abbey_. Anyway, one of the lead characters is a vicar, and in each episode there is generally some sermon, and he has great style. Maybe a little too "We're all in this together" but it seems to work for his parish. Pretty good show, but not the best mystery ever.


Never heard of it but I do like some British mysteries and will check it out.

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