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24 February 2015


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I am a big fan of Dr. Google.

Very interesting treatment plan. It reminds me of orthodontic work. I used to have a TMJ problem as a teenager--I could fit my whole fist in my mouth if you would like a nice visual--and the standard treatment is surgery. I went to a doctor who specialized in a different approach. I had to wear a special retainer that would shift where my bottom jaw would rest in the joint. I first had to wear it all the time except for eating and clarinetting for 3-6 months (I don't remember now) and then I had to wear it only in my sleep for another year. I haven't had any trouble with my jar since then. But the way the treatment worked was to move the cartilage that covers the top of the lower jaw back into a good position and make sure it stayed there long enough to harden into place. So it's a similar kind of thing.


Did anyone mention Marfan syndrome as something to rule out? I don't know about the US, but it is under diagnosed here and sternal abnormalities is one of the classic signs.


Marfan's pretty rare -- although many people with Marfan have chest wall deformities, not many people with chest wall deformities have Marfan. And as we have no family history it would be pretty unexpected. He is of average height for his age and appears to have normally developed hands, feet, and facial structure, so I am not concerned about Marfan. I guess the fact that he's had a previous connective-tissue-related condition (epiphyseal dysplasia in one ankle) might point to there being some kind of systemic involvement, and we made sure to mention it to the orthopedic surgeon, but he did not seem to be specially concerned by it.


Oh, good.

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