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18 February 2015


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"Some do not wish to fast as much as they ought, and cannot be satisfied with the food permitted (this is what many worldly people still do today who allege a thousand reasons on this subject)...

The others... wish to fast more than is necessary. It is with these that we have more trouble. "

There is a third group of people: those who cannot figure out which group they belong to. Are they subjecting themselves to undue burdens or going too easy on themselves. They aren't sure.

More personally, I am not sure. I never have a problem with not fasting while pregnant, but nursing is hit or miss. Some years it is fine and others it knocks me down. Should I not even attempt it? I don't know. How big is a snack? What if your regular meal is already snackish.

Overthinking is the real problem. Desperate to *do* the right thing instead of making a right intention and trusting in mercy.


The line that is walked when talking about your fast is when do you stop just being informative and start bragging. I guess it is also an interior disposition, but sometimes others can take it the wrong way. And food. Why do I talk about food so much on a fast day? But I do.

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