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03 February 2015


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The whole tax system makes me ranty. I abhor the childcare tax credit because it gives more money to people who already have more money. Where's my tax write-off for the professional salary we forego? That's how much my child care costs and yours too--a whole professional salary. I don't understand "the marriage penalty." If a single earner makes 200K or if a dual income couple makes 100K a piece, the household still has use of 200K. Why should they have different tax rates? It's almost as if they favor the destruction of the family as an economic unit. Oh wait, I think they do.

(side note) I can't find Laborem Exercens in a version that will print out for me. Do you know of a link? The Vatican one will only print a blank page with the title on it.


Try copying and pasting the text into a word processor document

Christy P.

Here's a funny thing. At least in our family, childcare for 1 child costs us the same as childcare for 2 children. The cost is the income my husband could be making. In families who use childcare, the cost increase per child is probably not linear because there is generally a sibling reduction, but it is almost a linear multiplier which is way more than the tax credit. Utah gives a small credit, like $100, for stay home parents if children are under a certain age. It's a token.

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