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26 April 2015


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"the sword of Damocles which is things I could be doing right now so that I could relax LATER even BETTER when the things are all done." <--This is so me.


I'm liking this idea. I detest making two meals on Sundays!!


I like the idea of Sunday as a day of rest, but every Saturday that isn't scheduled away with activities finds me mostly comatose and Sunday is filled with all the things I didn't do Saturday. I can't figure out how to not crash on Saturday. Well, maybe one day. The sword of Damocles regularly visits my house as well.

"so when I was just starting to sit at the table for dinner again -- maybe 10 days postpartum"

I am intrigued by this. Do you just eat in bed or something? Is it a conscious decision to stay away from the table or is that just when you feel well enough to sit on a hard chair? The more I hear about what other women do postpartum, the more I think I haven't given myself near enough latitude. I am pretty sure I got out of bed and ate lunch at the table about 2.5 hours after having M.


"A lot of "wow this is the best solution ever to our problem" doesn't stick. I post about my life-changing new idea with enthusiasm, my readers tell me I am a genius [polishes nails on lapel], and then after a month or a season or a new baby I give up, slink away, and never speak of my formerly great idea again." I often wonder how often this happens all over the internet. I often feel paralyzed in posting something about a neat thing I'm doing because I don't want to have that record of it when I've stopped doing it months later. Like I'm never supposed to change my mind or have to drop something because my life has changed. Anyway...

I think is a fabulous idea, and I'm trying to figure out how to adapt it for my Paleo-eating husband. Setting out bread, cheese and crackers just seems mean. But I love the idea of this kind of meal, and doing this kind of meal on a Sunday so that I'm not faced with all the cleaning and cooking. I'm going to have to keep thinking about how to adapt this for my home!


Amber --- really good cured meats or fish, and tasty vegetables, and maybe nut-based crackers?


Jenny - in bed the first few days, then I move to a comfy chair downstairs.

Christy P.

At our house there would also be cut fruit.

Like guacamole, too. I buy it in packets at Costco to keep in the freezer. It's not as good as fresh guacamole but way better than no guacamole at all and also makes a good dip for cut veggies.

I like to add to the festivity of such events by busting out The Good Dishes or colorful but mismatched serving pieces. Will admit to putting a piece of parchment over the wooden cheeseboard to minimize cleanup.


Sometimes I do fruit, but I'm trying to encourage vegetable consumption and the kids will happily eat cut raw vegetables. Whereas I don't need to encourage them to demolish fruit -- it all gets eaten up without putting it on the dinner table (although sometimes I'll add it for lack of other options or because it goes well with our dinner, e.g. sliced oranges with Mexican food).

I don't actually have "good dishes." Mismatched serving pieces is all I have! And I don't have a wooden cheeseboard either, though I like your parchment idea quite a bit. If I needed to have one for a sudden fancy party, I would be forced to use a pizza peel, which might possibly read as quirky and creative rather than "the old wooden board warped years ago and it was declared from upon high that only dishwasher-safe cutting surfaces would darken our kitchen door henceforth."

Guacamole in the freezer is a tip I learned from you, but I don't think anyone but me accepts that vegetables may be dipped in it. The presence of guacamole causes people to go hunting for a bag of chips.


We do this on days when we get home right before dinner for one reason or another. Right now on Mondays we have school garden, (they give the extras to the under-6 set), so we get home about six or a little past, and we usually eat at six or a little before. Crisis! (At least with toddlers, although they are full of crackers at that point.)

I can confirm your thoughts on the smorgasbord, although we usually eat ours on Scandinavian rye bread (looks like pumpernickel, no caraway). In Danish it's called smørrebrød as a genre, and each little oven-facet sandwich is a "mad" (both a collective and singular, in the collective it means food). Our toddlers eat liver pate or salami, and I usually make a cream-based salad for the adults, like tuna or hot smoked salmon stirred up in cream cheese, this can be done the day before.

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