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18 April 2015


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This is so awesome for y'all. My oldest (twins) are 8.5, and they've been exponentially more useful with the newest infant (2 months) than they were last time (2 years ago)... this time, they can put the baby in the pack-n-play and get her out, they can stand-and-walk-and-bounce-and-shush the baby, etc. I can only imagine when they're 14!!


I really enjoyed this post, I think in part because of the vision it gives of the beauty of a larger family. Right now I tend to be much more focused on the vast quantity of work the larger family requires and it is refreshing to be reminded of the benefits - especially when there's a larger age spread.

Because we live in a rural area, babysitters are hard to come by - and I think it'll be awhile before I can leave our eldest (now 13) home alone with younger ones. But at some point it'll happen... and I'll have time to get used to it just before she moves out, I guess!


Coming from the point of view of someone with a 3,5yo and a 16mo - age of reason, go home, we are talking flat out crazy - this makes me feel like some medieval yokel hearing about the big city. What is this magical realm you speak of?!

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