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26 May 2015


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I very much like this idea.
For Sunday Mass we sometimes end up at the 5pm mass (also known as last chance mass) because of scheduling - one son was teaching Religious Ed another had confirmation class so the timing worked. Your idea works perfectly with the busyness of what should be a day of rest.
Another idea which I like for the midday meal is an overnight slow cooker roast. I recently read an article (sorry no link saved) on why to cook a roast overnight. The idea was that many roasts, soups, stews etc.. develop their flavors to a greater extent the second day. A quick reheat and lunch is served. After a restful day (or ahem, busy Sunday) a snacky party platter for supper is ideal. Paper plates, too.. Just yes :)


Oh, this was genius and very helpful! Sunday dinner is usually a made from scratch meal, either before he heads to work, or when he returns (gorvenment shift work). But, on his days off, when we are trying to rest together as a family, this is an awesome idea. Festive, easy, fun foods we all love? Done and done! It's simple. Thanks for a great idea.

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