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23 May 2015


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Jen Fitz

I had heard about this but from people who eat supper early and then don't eat again until breakfast.

Meanwhile I'd started a rule that I wouldn't eat until I was hungry enough to eat something healthy (since junk appeals sooner), and as a result I ended up about like you describe re: late breakfast or first meal midday.

I wasn't sure whether this was good ("intermittent fasting!") or bad ("don't skip breakfast!"), but I figured either way, it was better to eat what I know makes me feel better than grabbing something appealing but which in the long run is not so great.

Um, there's no point to this story. Other than I guess I was surprised at how long I went between meals if I restricted myself only to real food and not modern processed junk.

Christy P

Diane Rehm had a show last year about IF. She said that does a modified IF that involves skipping breakfast and lunch and breaking the fast with good cheese and champagne.

BTW, I always read your posts, even when the focus was hyper weight loss. I shared many of them, too.

Kathleen Miller

I learned a lot from your blog a few years ago, so thanks! I used a chart like yours, and discovered that small fluctuations are less important than big trends.
By last November, I had discovered that "sensible eating" had led to a slow but irritating gain, and started "5 and 2," where 5 days I "eat sensibly" (including wine), and 2 non-consecutive days eat 500 calories or so (stretch the breakfast smoothie for lunch and snack; eggs and sliced turkey for dinner). I've lost 12 lbs, stabilized, and gained a habit that I think will last a lifetime, so I've declared victory. The regime is also beginning to have an intercessory prayer component, like medieval fast days. I'm a "bright line" thinker too, and find that the days without decisions give me a psychological clean slate and cancel discouragement. Good luck on your adventure!


I was hoping you would write an update. You and I are kind of in the same spot although I am on the nursing bounce instead of losing the initial postpartum weight, but I am about 5-7 pounds over where I should be for my clothes to fit right.

I think my problem right now is also one of attention. I'm going in a thousand different directions and can't seem to focus on my eating. I was hoping that cutting out desserts more would send things in the right direction, but while my husband has lost nearly five pounds, my scale went the other way a pound or two. It must be more than a dessert problem.

I am interested in how the fasting will work. Whenever I fast, I am usually starving at the next meal and find it extremely difficult to not overeat in compensation. In fact one of my biggest struggles is leaving the table while I still feel hungry even when I intellectually know I have had enough. Even when I know I won't feel hungry in 15 minutes, it is hard not to take a second or third helping. I only mention it because fasting aggravates that condition for me.


I'm 7 months into motherhood and exclusively pumping and I can't even fathom going that long without eating while breastfeeding. I did extremely well with weight gain during pregnancy and have been on a steady gain ever since. It is incredibly frustrating, but every time I try to cut calories I lose supply and I already have an undersupply. In the past, I've found your weight loss reflections super helpful, I plan to go back and re-read them once I wean from the pump. I'll have to consider the fasting idea, I'm rather in awe of the idea right now, I currently wake up starving.




I am not an expert on the interplay between maternal eating patterns and blood sugar and milk supply when pumping is a large part of the picture, so I would urge you to consult someone who knows about pumping and supply better than I do, but ISTM that your top priority is milk supply.


Oh no, rest assured I won't be fasting any time soon! I meant that the idea of fasting is intriguing enough to tuck away for some time down the road. Given the whole pumping situation I have become a bit of an unintended expert at supply. The scientist in me has gone crazy with capturing data about it - reminds me of your homemaking and engineering series. I am under the care of several lactation consultants and midwives and they have advised that I not worry about losing any additional weight until baby is a year. By then I will likely be ready to wean from the pump and can get myself back to a good place before another pregnancy.


I have always clung firmly to the fact that I am five feet tall, but this year I came into the way of seeing that I am actually 4'11". I continue to feel bereft for that one inch, especially since it means I can only weigh less according to every thing on the entire internet. I think I must have accidentally fallen into this fasting concept by shifting our main meal from supper to lunch. I eat a small late breakfast, now, a big lunch, and most days am not hungry for supper. I'm delighted to find out its a thing. I guess the next step is to try a 24 hour fast. Ugh.

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