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11 May 2015


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When I moved into my current apartment, a year and a half ago, to start life as a self-supporting single-mom-of-three-kids, my sister-in-law came over to help me move and unpack. Some months later, flipping through my desk calendar, I found that she had left a note for me in the back of the calendar on an unused page, telling me that I was a good mom and provider and an inspiration to her, and that I should know I am never alone but am lifted up in prayer by many. I have that note tacked to my bulletin board by my desk still.

Thanks for the reminder to be the person who gives those words to others as well.


I have been thinking about this post all day. I am sorry about the crud you have had to deal with. You have been in my prayers.


I am seeing this very late (despite my incessant Facebook activity, my reading of the blogs has fallen to almost nil these days), but I want to tell you that you are a good mother, and that the happiness and pleasantness of your children (and I've met them!) is a direct reflection of that good parenting. But more than that, you are lovable for yourself, even apart from your accomplishments and your many excellences.

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