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15 June 2015


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I bought and read the book. The wait at the library was too long, so I ordered it.

Did you do clothes first? I'm planning to do just my clothes first. I'll help the kids at the next seasonal clothing change. I hope to start books this week, after my clothes.

I look forward to more blogging about this topic!


I am glad to see a real-life application of this. What I worry about is that I will start the process, get far enough into it that there are books all over the place, and then get distracted and never put the books away, and there will be a larger mess than before. That's not just a procrastination tactic; it's happened often enough with various purge attempts that I'm wary of pulling things out. Probably I need my 11yo to keep me on task.

I know we have too many books, and even books we don't really care about that it wouldn't be hard to part with. I just don't know if I'm ready at this point to make the huge mess to clear them out.


Many times a day I walk past our bookshelves and think, "I really need to do something about these." I know there are ones I don't want, things are poorly shelved and grouped, and I know the space drags on me constantly because of this.

I just finished reading Kondo's book today and I am really intrigued. Partly because of the peek into life in Japan, but largely because of her ideas about tidying and possessions. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to hold each thing in my home and ask myself if it brings me joy... and then figure out what to do with it if it doesn't. I know there is a lot of stuff around me that we have because it was cast off or given to us by family members or because it was cheap and it is at least sort of serving a purpose and we keep it because leaving it there is the path of least resistance.

I appreciate your take on her method and book sorting. I'm really thinking taking everything off and going through the process is the only way it is really going to get better. I'm sure once I start I will see it through, because I have an extremely long attention span for projects... but I should probably arrange for some childcare or something otherwise there might be screaming children everywhere long before I'm done. It seems like something that would be hard to get through during the space of one nap time, and like MrsD said - it isn't something you want to leave spread out everywhere.


MrsD: "What I worry about is that I will start the process, get far enough into it that there are books all over the place, and then get distracted and never put the books away, and there will be a larger mess than before."

There are two things you can do about this: First, you can choose whether to find a clear space that you know can stay messy for a while (I worked on the floor of a spare bedroom), or whether to break the task down in to small enough chunks that you can finish it in a few hours and work in a place where you know you will HAVE to finish (like your dining room table).

It's also worth noting that you're supposed to do it quickly, going with your gut and not pausing to think too hard about each item. It is not supposed to take you much longer to sort than the time to pass each item through your hands.

Kondo says it's ideal to pull out every book you own and pile them all on the floor at once, but she stresses that "if you have too many books to do this" then you should break them into categories and do one category at a time. I had enough space and time to do, for example, "my pleasure reading" as a category (which included fiction and nonfiction) but I could have chosen, for example, "pleasure reading, pop-science" as a category and then later "pleasure reading, novels" as a category, and if I'd done that my stacks of books would have fit on my dining room table.

You'll want to have the donation boxes ready to go before you start.


The fear of not getting finished and leaving a bigger mess than I started with prevents me from doing a lot of decluttering.

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