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29 June 2015


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I really like the idea of lead time in preparation for a more focused eating plan at some point in the not too distant future and then using the interim to plan out how to approach it. It gives you headspace to think without worrying too much about your actions right now.

I am also glad your alcohol restriction ends on Sept 3rd because I hope you are able to join me for a drink on Sept 4th.


Are you willing to share your sweet and sour cabbage salad recipe? Is it just cabbage with sweet vinaigrette? I consider Kielbasa with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut a comfort meal, I'd love to change it up with a salad option.


Erin - I haven't made this one yet, just pulled it out of a cookbook... so I don't know how it will be yet! I do have a recipe for a Latin American cabbage slaw called curtido here:


It's on the sour side but you could adjust the brown sugar up. I do think it would be a summery alternative to sauerkraut almost anywhere. Goes great with Asian food too.

The one I'm going to try has 1 head of cabbage, an apple, and 2 carrots; half a cup of cider vinegar to a quarter cup of white sugar; a teaspoon salt, a tablespoon olive oil, and a garnish of sliced almonds.


Yum! We are camping over the holiday, I think either of these sound like an easy and yummy alternative to go with brats too. I would have never guessed the high vinegar to to oil ratio, but I suppose a quarter cup of sugar helps. Thanks for sharing!


Slaws without oil stay crisper!

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