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04 July 2015


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Christy P

I will mention this now, despite planning to see you IRL in a few hours becuase the husbands may not be interested in the comment and I might forget.

I have come around to the notion of breakfast = deliberately left-over salad or veg from the night before + fried egg with a liberal dousing of Frank's Red Hot or Sriracha (whichever makes more sense). Perhaps in my house it is easier to plan for leftovers, since there are fewer people. I might even portion out the breakfast, or sometimes lunch, before putting dinner out to be sure that there is some.

Other thought, it is fascinating to me to observe the variety of ways in which American families eat. I have said it many times since my Asian sojurn - one of the miracles of America is the variety of food available. You can have Korean food today, but you could have Mexican or Italian or Thai just as easily. Wow!


Oh, definitely. Probably my favorite breakfast in all the world is leftover grain-bean side dish (whatever -- red beans and rice, moors and christians, pilafs, etc) with a fried egg on top. Closely followed by greens with a fried egg on top! However, as you noted, the quantity of leftovers can be unpredictable. Also, unfortunately, I must avoid planning tasty grain-bean dinners for a while as they represent an advanced level of portion control on the order of homemade garlic-bread-crumb-topped macaroni and cheese.

So, all this represents my efforts to Have A Plan But Be Flexible.

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