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06 July 2015


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Do you eat full size bagels and buns?


Normally, yes, at least occasionally. During this six week push I probably won't do so very often. Half bagels, mini bagels, etc., sure. I bake my own burger buns and I always make a variety of sizes so there are some small ones.


Ok. I was just wondering because I remembered your half sandwich suggestion. Thanks.


I'm out of practice. My baby is 18 months old and I haven't quite gotten out of the eat-for-two habit.

Christy P

Suggestion - this plan seems to leave out the kids planning and making dinner paradigm. Might you consider identifying some of those likely lunch out days and inviting a kid to plan, prepare, pack, and clean up picnic lunch? Cheese, crackers, hummus, tuna salad, cut fruit and veg travel very well in a cooler. If you transfer the expected restaurant dollars to nice cheese or deli meat, there will likely still be surplus dollars with which to compensate the kid if you choose.


Christy, you are correct that it leaves out the kids planning dinner. Kids will be making dinners, likely, for the evenings that Mark and I go out -- with fewer activities in the evenings, we have more date nights in the summer.

Re: picnics, these are for days when all the available children -- those under 9 -- are in a day camp or similar all morning -- I suppose we could put something together the night before, but I am not too optimistic that it would happen consistently. There is another reason, too. I have kind of an unusual goal -- this is more of a behavioral goal than a "weight loss" goal, and just as I did in 2008, I am intentionally planning a variety of restaurant visits to get plenty of practice reinforcing the relevant habits. Our family has more of a restaurant culture than a picnic culture, for better or for worse...


Do you plan out your beverage for lunch and supper? You are cutting the alcohol and have the breakfast beverage planned out, so will you just drink water the rest of the time?

I take my coffee with milk and sugar so I have hidden calories there.


yup. Black coffee, water. I won't sweat a splash of milk in my tea since I only have about 4 cups a week.

Christy P.

Neglected to mention that I like your designation of ordinary days. I think that may help distinguish how a deviation from the plan may be required in extraordinary circumstances but should not become a new normal. For example, unplanned lunch out because of visit to urgent care. Clearly not normal.

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