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18 September 2015


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Christy P.

2 comments -- 1) the handwriting of both of my grandmothers known to you was pretty much indistinguishable because it was near-Palmer-perfect; 2) I still cross my z's so that they cannot be mistaken for number 2's when doing calculus in 3 dimensions. Not that I do that anymore. This causes great consternation for my children who both have z in their names (one has 2)


I sometimes cross z's but not always. I had to look at the example above to see whether I did or not.

I also cross 7's, and I'm not sure why.

My signature is a featureless scrawl after the E because my husband's last name is too damn long.

Christy P.

I tend to give my 7 a serif mark rather than cross, but I can recall crossing them so as to not confuse with a careless number 1 or a unit such a liters.

Cathie B.

I found pens that feel like fountain pens at the Dollar Store of all places. Sure make writing faster! And bonus, 2 for $1. And my kids fight over them.


Where does one find Barchowsky? At Amazon?

I cross zs to avoid the 2-z confusion, and have my Algebra-doing daughter do it too now. I also cross 7s usually, to avoid the sloppy-one lookalike.

My 2nd grader really really wants to learn cursive, so we're doing that because he likes the idea of it... but it's a great frustration to him that his letters don't look like his goal. I'm not sure where to go with him on that, but maybe we'd do better with a Barchowsky approach.


Mandamum -- www.bfhhandwriting dot com.

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