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13 November 2015


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Christy P.

Adding to the list of super things for young children to cut: slices of bread (make croutons), hard boiled eggs, slices of (already sliced) cheese, and deli meat. Some of these can even be accomplished with a plastic knife as a sort of step zero, but beware that use of the plastic knife doesn't come with instigation of bad habits!


Do you think the rounded tip is required for younger children?

I have not ordered the knives I intended to order yet and I wonder if I should add this type to the list.

"But I welcome that first moment when a child tries to cut the zucchini while holding it, instead of having it flat on the board, and --zzzing -- she has a minor, painful cut on her palm."

If you see it coming, do you say something or just wait to see what happens? One of the reasons I am painfully slow with a knife is that I am afraid of cutting myself. I'm not sure I could watch and wait for the nick.


I love this post. I'm all for early introduction of kitchen tools, but hadn't really thought of how to go about it. If you ever want to have a fun date night or night out with an older child, try the knife skills class at Eversharp in Minneapolis. If nothing else, it is fun to try different knives and cutting surfaces and you can get your knives sharpened while you are there.


OMG that sounds awesome Erin! Looking it up right now!


Well, I went looking for it and discovered they no longer have routine classes and only do private parties (and discovered my photo on their website, suppose I can get a knife out of that?!?). The store is worth a visit if you've never been. They are the best sharpeners in town, have nice refurbished knives and epicurean cutting board manufacturing "rejects" at a fraction of the price.


Coming back to this post to say thanks for being so thorough!


well, my baby is too little to do that, but your blog seems very useful, I'll keep it for future use.

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