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27 January 2016


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I have half a cabbage in my fridge right now and have no idea what to do with it. Perhaps tomorrow, I will take a crack at this.


I adore cabbage. It has the magical ability to keep in the fridge for more than a week; it is cheap; it is good for you; and despite being a winter vegetable you can make a classic summer coleslaw with it.

It curries, it stir fries, it ferments, it stuffs -- the perfect green vegetable.


I agree about cabbage. I hated it as a kid because my mom only boiled it to death with canned corned beef. Now that I am the cook it's a go to for soups, to cook with sausage instead of potatoes, stir fry and so much more! It's filling and goes a long way with 9 mouths to feed. I still don't eat it boiled, though!


It's technically boiled if it's in soup, right?


Ah, what I would like to do is make both the dishes you describe, and just dump the gyros on the cabbage and do without the pita bread. Thanks for the inspiration!


That's what my son did! (We were a little short on pita bread.)


You are right about technically being boiled in soup! hahaha! I always shred mine so it's not in big leaves and it DEFINITELY tastes different when cooked in broth with lots of other veggies than when it's boiled for HOURS in water or water plus canned corned beef! That is SO gross and smelly!


I tried it and I didn't use enough cabbage for my taste--that's all I had--but I think it will definitely go into the rotation.

Margaret in MN

Recipe looks FABULOUS and your remarks about the original blog post intrigued me enough to go read it.

I agree with your assessment!

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